RED Year I: What Is Done and to Be Done

The Radical Education Department was founded approximately one year ago, and it has developed in myriad unforeseeable and exciting ways, while also confronting obstacles and limitations along the way. By providing an overview of what I consider to be our successes, as well as an outline of goals for the coming year, it is my hope that I can contribute to the autonomous process of collective education that is crucially important to the revolutionary Left. Just as we have learned and continue to learn from so many of the radical groups at work around the world, I hope that others can take inspiration from our model, and also help us reach our goals for RED Year II! Continue reading “RED Year I: What Is Done and to Be Done”

End the Aggressions at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (Mexico City, Mexico)

Originally published by Voices in Movement

To all of the Inhabitants of Mexico City and the Republic of Cyberspace

On Thursday August 30th, 2018, we detected a signal interfering on our FM frequency with white noise. A similar interference occurred in 2015. On both occasions, we detected the signal coming from the entrance of University City, around 3000 University Avenue.

This new aggression followed the grave events that took place on Monday September 3rd, 2018, when a violent opposition group attacked a demonstration of alumni of CCH in front of the rectory on campus. That attack left various injured, and two people hospitalized. These events are particularly serious, as while a zero-tolerance policy has been established on the campus of University City by UNAM security, elements of this para-police group were seen accompanying and protecting the violent opposition group. Witnesses of the attack identified Teófil Licona, who is said to be the “chief of security” of UNAM.

In the face of these outrageous acts, we call on everyone to unite together in the actions that the different schools are planning for the following days. We send our solidarity to the comrades who have been assaulted and we remain attentive to the well-being of the injured.

We hold responsible the rector of UNAM for these aggressions and for whatever other event can occur in the university facilities.

Ké Huelga Radio

Free, Social and Against Power

Early Morning. September 4th, 2018

Violent Group Attacks Student Meeting Outside the UNAM Rectory (Mexico City, Mexico)

English translation originally published by Voices in Movement

Voices in Movement Editor’s Note: This report speaks to an attack carried out yesterday by “porros” at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) against participants in a student demonstration. “Porros” are people hired by university authorities or the state to violently smash up student and social mobilizations. With the use of these “porro” plainclothes opposition groups, authorities are able to fulfill their repressive objectives while keeping their hands clean of the violent acts. This specific report comes from Ké Huelga Radio, and the original in Spanish can be found here. All photos taken by Diego Uriarti.

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Call to Recess: Give David Hogg A Wedgie!

Cutting Class: Counterinfo for the Ungovernable Generation

To truants everywhere,
This is a call to recess (our very first)! Instead of calls to order or to action, with the logics of work & duty they entail in activist milieus, this is an invitation to a game. Hopefully this game will provide a much needed break from the super-serious business of revolutionary leaders and professional organizers.

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#DisarmPSU Reportback: We Will Be Back!

Reportback submitted by the Portland State University Student Union /// FB /// Twitter

Portland State University students, alumni, faculty, and community members rallied and marched to #DisarmPSU on July 1st, 2018, three years after the first officers were sworn and armed. This rally came after the campus police murder of Jason Washington on June 29th. Family and friends of Jason Washington also joined our rally in solidarity and to mourn the loss of their loved one.

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Statement originally published by PSU Student Union. FB /// Twitter

At 1:30 a.m on the morning of June 29th, Portland State University police murdered Jason Washington. Witnesses say Jason was attempting to break up an altercation in front of the Cheerful Tortoise Bar on SW 6th and College St. Police shot Jason when a gun he had kept in a holster fell, and he attempted to pick it up. His back was turned to the police when he was shot, as is made clear in bystander cell phone video. Two officers, Shawn McKenzie and James Dewey, are now on paid administrative leave as a result of the incident. We, the Portland State University Student Union, sincerely send our condolences to Jason’s friends and family.


AED-CNTE Chiapas: frente al “nuevo modelo educativo”, proponen el Proyecto Comunitario para la Escuela

Originally published by the Pozol Collective, English translation published by Voices in Movement

English Below

Miércoles 27 de junio, 2018.


La embestida del Estado en contra del pueblo mexicano a través de las reformas neoliberales, es el fiel reflejo de lo mandatado por los organismos internacionales para favorecer al gran capital. En el caso de la nefasta reforma educativa, ha sido la férrea resistencia impulsada por la CNTE lo que ha permitido que esta imposición no se logre aplicar en el territorio donde tiene presencia la Coordinadora y se ha deslegitimado tanto por el magisterio como por los padres de familia conscientes. No obstante, el Estado jamás desistirá en el avasallamiento en contra del pueblo, por lo que en los últimos días de este sexenio continúa con el intento de darle sustento a su nefasta reforma, apostándole a la imposición del llamado Nuevo Modelo Educativo (NME), surgido por las críticas hacia la reforma educativa, centrando su base en el aspecto laboral y no en lo educativo como debería ser. Desde luego, su aprobación fue sin consenso nacional en una clara muestra de cerrazón y apego a los objetivos neoliberales que la crearon. La Asamblea Estatal Democrática de la Sección 40 RECHAZA CATEGÓRICAMENTE la implementación de este modelo educativo en nuestras escuelas porque:

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Speak Truth To Power: Say No To SROs

Submission from some Anonymous Truants

Soon after the March 24th March For Our Lives, we were contacted by some energetic high school students who had heard of us from a Crimethinc flyer. After a couple months of communication & collaboration, they have sent us their own publication: a pamphlet outlining a position against School Resource Officers, as part of a larger initiative they are working on to fight against SROs. We’re thrilled to publish their work here, check it out!

Say No to SROs PDF


De-Arrest Compilation Video & New Anarcho-Punk Mixes || CUTTING CLASS

Cutting Class
A Counterinfo Project for the Ungovernable Generation

Some comrades just dropped a d-beat demo under the name D-ARREST, so we made a lil de-arrest montage video to go with it.

And in case you missed it, we have two new anarcho-punk mixes available for download and streaming on our soundcloud: Only 90’s Anarcho-Punx Will Remember… volume 1 and Now That’s What I Call Anarcho-Punk, vol. 3

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Life is Elsew(here): A Reflection on ASN Austin’s May Day & May ’68 Celebrations

Originally published by the Autonomous Student Network in Austin, TX

During the first week of May, members of the Autonomous Student Network undertook what was perhaps our largest collective project as we staged a week of events & actions celebrating International Worker’s Day and the 50th anniversary of the May 1968 student & worker uprisings in France. Together, we were able to carry out events on a scale beyond anything we had attempted before. Because of the monumental and diverse nature of what we accomplished this past week, and due to the transformations May Week affected for us, we felt compelled to put together a statement to reflect on these events, celebrate our successes, acknowledge our shortcomings, and learn from these experiences to grow as an organized force. This statement is unique, as it is collaboratively produced, reflecting the multiplicity of perspectives which together made up May Week. We hope that this statement provides clarity and inspiration for others, and ask that folks who see this and feel particularly touched by our words or our actions come and find us as we continue to grow and build our collective capacities and projects.

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