It’s No Longer About Social Security: Inside the Nicaraguan Student Protests

Republished from Black Rose Anarchist Federation.

Following up on our article “One Million Hands Flourishing: Nicaragua and the Neverending Task of Planting” by US based Nicaraguan anarchist Tanya H.F. we present an interview with an Miranda, a Nicaraguan based anarchist who is deeply involved in the student protest and university occupations. This was based on a podcast interview on Hotwire # 28 released on April 25, 2018.

By Miranda

Hello friends, this is Miranda. I am part of a group of delegates that are doing international media outreach here in Managua, Nicaragua. I am also part of several other affinity groups that have been working nonstop for the last two weeks because Nicaragua is recently experiencing an unprecedented wave of nationwide protest.

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From Yellow Peril to Model Minority? Bring Back the Yellow Peril

Submission from Lyth Jung

           One video was uploaded on this Facebook Asian/American representing viral content page named Asians Never Die. The video starts with a group of people of color who seem to be Black Lives Matter student activists chanting and walking into one college library. After a second, one Asian student walks up and interrupts them, yelling, “hey, hey, hey! This is library!” This viral footage with a description, “don’t mess with Asians while they trying to study in the library,” was followed with the hype with the similar context. Mostly written by other Asian/Americans, the comments were describing this Asian student as a “savage hero” or some sort of a figure who stood up for our ‘racial and cultural value.’

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Cutting Class || Anarcho-Punk Mix #2 Now Available for Download

Cutting Class
A Counterinfo Project for the Ungovernable Generation

Anarcho-Punk Mix #2
destroy white supremacy // defend J20 // fuck up a nazi

NEG  //  EEL  //  BITROT //

Finals are coming up, but so is May Day. Whether you’re working in order to pay off your loans or to justify taking them out in the first place, here’s a playlist to keep you going until international fuck this shit day.


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Is May 1968 about to Happen Again, or Be Surpassed? Mass Strikes, Occupations and the Fight for the Future Perfect in France


Originally published by Gabriel Rockhill of the Radical Education Department.

A slightly different version of this article was published here in CounterPunch. It was workshopped, as all of RED’s articles, in our collectively resourced, anti-capitalist research collaborative (not to be confused with academic peer-review or nepotistic editorialism). 

In anticipation of the 50th anniversary of May 1968, the Macron government had been making plans to commemorate this historic uprisingby celebrating how it had purportedly contributed to the liberal “modernization of French society.” Allied with the mass media and the ownership class, what better way for the relatively young neoliberal government to lay claim to the future than by taking over the past, using the ritualized burial rites of state-honored commemoration to spin a teleological tale according to which the legacy of ’68 was alive and well in contemporary ‘liberalization’? According to a spokesperson for the French President, this was of course to be done “without dogmas or prejudice,” in order to show that “68 was the time of utopias and disillusions, and we no longer truly have utopias.”

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Classes Borjon Kora: Students in Bangladesh Face Repression

Student protestor faces lines of riot police

Cutting Class: Counterinfo for the Ungovernable Generation

Today we’re reporting some news that we’ve picked up on through our affinity networks. University students in Bangladesh have been protesting over the course of this week and facing intense brutality and repression. Starting on April 8th with a protest by students at Dhaka University, students took to the streets and staged sit-ins in protest of new reforms to the quota system used for government jobs. The government, ruled by the dominant Awami League, announced reforms that would reserve 56% of government jobs via the quota system for minorities and descendants of the Mukti Bahini (veterans of Bangladesh’s 1971 national liberation war against Pakistan). Around 30% of these jobs would be reserved for the children of Mukti Bahini, who make up less than 10% of the population. This sparked outrage, as it would leave over 90% of the population to compete for 44% of government jobs. Government & civil service jobs are one of the few stable means for graduates to make a living in Bangladesh, carrying benefits, protections, and job security not available in most industries.

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Communiqué from the Insurrectionary Youth Front – Asheville, NC

Originally published by the
Insurrectionary Youth Front in Asheville, North Carolina

The time is now. The only thing stopping us from insurrectionary struggle against so called America is ourselves. We need to recognize our collective misery and actual desires. We need to find ourselves and each other. Our collective liberation has been sabotaged by capital’s imposition of fear, anxiety and false security. […]

Our lives do not belong to us. Our futures are miserable. This is an invitation to a life built on revolutionary discovery and struggle. […]

The university has the potential to be a revolutionary base, one built on mutual recognition and shared revolt. We have the opportunity to inspire others to do the same and to join us in this revolutionary struggle. We must act without hesitation, now choosing sides. We are youth, students, dropouts, revolutionaries, willing to risk it all to explore a life of the unknown. Continue reading “Communiqué from the Insurrectionary Youth Front – Asheville, NC”

PARIS: Fascists Attack the Occupied University of Tolbiac

Originally published by Enough is Enough. Written by Riot Turtle.

Fascists attacked the occupied university of Tolbiac in Paris, France, last night. It wasn’t the first fascist attack against an occupied university this year.

In March students who occupied a university building in Montpellier to protest against Macron’s neoliberal reforms were also attacked by fascists. After the attack in Montpellier several other fascist attacks followed.

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Cutting Class with Revolutionary Horizon in San Antonio

Cutting Class
Counterinfo for the Ungovernable Generation

This interview is the latest in a series of conversations with the autonomous revolutionary groups that are participating in the Cutting Class counterinfo network. We hope that publishing these interviews will provide some clarity on where our crews are coming from and how that affects the way we have organized this project.

We also hope that these interview questions can provide a template for other autonomous groups to distill a collective understanding of their context and projects. If your crew finds these questions useful, write up a summary of your conversations and send them our way as a form of introduction. You can also check out what other crews have to say here. Cutting Class can be your platform, and we’d love to publish an interview with your crew and start collaborating—not just around CC but also with any other projects that these introductions might incite!

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“Stopping Their Movement, Building Ours”: Statement from Stop Spencer at MSU Coalition

The following is a statement from the Stop Spencer at MSU Coalition, one month after the group “helped drive the Alt-Right off the streets and back onto the internet.”

One month ago, on March 5th, 500 protesters from all walks of life – community members, college students, activists, university staff and faculty, and those defying categorization – converged on the MSU Pavilion to protect and defend our community from Neo-Nazi Spencer and the fascists that follow him. We came to show them that we are many and they are few, that they cannot continue to meet in public without resistance, that they and their racist and genocidal movement will NEVER win. Together, we succeeded. Continue reading ““Stopping Their Movement, Building Ours”: Statement from Stop Spencer at MSU Coalition”

Indigenous Student Refusals

Originally published by mediaINDIGENA, an indigenous media site that features “
Aboriginal news, views and creative expression,” and a weekly podcast on current affairs.

This news comes from friends to the north. The Indigenous Students’ Council at the University of Saskatchewan has recently released a scathing criticism of the University’s farce of a reconciliation process. Unveiling the settler-colonial investments of the University, they have outlined how these processes have served more as ways to save face than transform campus life for indigenous students. Moreso, they have made demands for the formation of an Autonomous Indigenous Students Union and for the withdrawal of indigenous participation in administrative & reconciliation efforts. This podcast goes deeper into the issues at stake and an analysis of the context for these struggles. The first 30 minutes of the podcast focuses on the student struggles in particular.

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