Call to Recess: Give David Hogg A Wedgie!

Cutting Class: Counterinfo for the Ungovernable Generation

To truants everywhere,
This is a call to recess (our very first)! Instead of calls to order or to action, with the logics of work & duty they entail in activist milieus, this is an invitation to a game. Hopefully this game will provide a much needed break from the super-serious business of revolutionary leaders and professional organizers.

Cutting Class started up in the middle of March. Around this time, the March For Our Lives movement was on every TV. Everyone in our classes was talking about gun control. They loved the god damn Parkland kids with their nice speeches. We were a little pissed—why do these random kids get so much respect when truant insurgents have been fighting smarter and harder than them for years (like the kids of the black lives matter movement). But we bit our tongues because we figured they were authentic-ish and were excited by all the dope shit kids pulled off during the walkouts and marches. 

Things are different now. You know that Hogg kid? We always felt iffy about him. His dad’s a fucking fed, so he was basically born a cop collaborator & informant. Rule #1 of organizing is don’t talk to cops, and we’re pretty sure he breaks that rule every time he goes home. Also, his last name is HOGG? Talk about on the nose. Oink oink.

Anyways, turns out he’s worse than we thought. The March For Our Lives hosted a nationwide “Road to Change” tour to foster “dialogue” across party differences and whatnot. Your typical liberal bullshit, but we wouldn’t really care usually. But on this tour, David thought it would be smart to talk to and pose for photos with some fucking fascists. In two photos he is spotted dialoguing with Proud Boys—the “Western Chauvinists” who were spotted at a Portland rally shouting about cracking the skulls of immigrants and doing other outright violent white nationalist shit, and who recently attacked people on the streets of Portland prior to that. In another picture he is posing with someone wearing a shirt that reads “Love your nation, hate antifa.”

To be fair, we’d expect nothing less about the son of a cop. Talk about “Cops & Klan go hand in hand.” March For Our Lives doubled down on defending their “dialogue” like the useless fucking liberals they are—as if the past few years hasn’t definitively put dialogue with fascists in the dustbin of ideology. As of July 9th, it seems they deleted the tweet and pictures including the Proud Boys.  Seems like when they say “Our,” they really mean “White”—between this, their widespread support for gun laws that will disproportionately criminalize people of color, and disarming people while collaborating with the police, they’re essentially pushing polite white nationalism.

Since they’re just kids and liberals, we hope that they can be changed. So let’s make ‘em regret this and teach ‘em a lesson. We’re putting out a call for truants everywhere:


This self-important little shitstain needs to be taken down a notch or two. Put him in his place with some classic schoolyard punishment. While you’re giving him a wedgie, you could question him about how many black people his dad has helped imprison or kill, lecture him about antifascism, or force him to read some dope anarchist zines.

Send us pictures or videos if you pull this off and we’ll feature it on our site & send you some dope prizes as a reward (zines? Stickers? Handcrafted letters? An interview? Who knows, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. And honestly, isn’t getting to wedgie David Hogg a reward in itself?)