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Cutting Class
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Some comrades just dropped a d-beat demo under the name D-ARREST, so we made a lil de-arrest montage video to go with it.

And in case you missed it, we have two new anarcho-punk mixes available for download and streaming on our soundcloud: Only 90’s Anarcho-Punx Will Remember… volume 1 and Now That’s What I Call Anarcho-Punk, vol. 3

Plus, here’s a cute excerpt from “De-Arrests are Beautiful” (a piece that helped us source a lot of this footage) published by Mask Magazine:

“Whether it takes place on a dark street or in organized civil disobedience, being arrested is isolating and humiliating. The police lash zip ties around our wrists and tear us from our friends to parade us from jail cell to court until someone makes bail or the DA dismisses the charges.

But we don’t always face arrest alone. When we gather at rowdy demonstrations or busy street corners, we’re not just there to make trouble; we show up to break free of the daily alienation forced on us by work or school. There we see people freeing their friends from the cops: they pull them away by sheer force, open cruiser doors to let arrestees go, or simply land a well-timed blow to the head of an arresting officer.

These simple actions show us that the law and the state are not supernatural forces, but relationships enforced at the hands of the police. That’s why we appreciate all the different ways people have figured out how to de-arrest each other.”


Now That’s What I Call Anarcho-Punk, v. 3

(A)Truth – No I.C.E. [2012 // NYC]

Good Throb – Scum [2016 // London, UK]


HUMO – ESCLAVXS [2017 // Philly]

Pryss – Broca’s Area [2018 // Springfield, Il]

Appalachian Terror Unit – Officer Down / Warehousing Prisoners [2014 // Huntington, WV]…ed-them

Human Bodies – Only the Sigh [2015 // Massachusetts]…ather-chalice-2

Crutches – Såld [2017 // Sweden]

The Fight – You Call it D.I.Y. [2009 // Poland]

Infantile Dissention – Racist Bigot Capitalists [2015 // Victoria, BC]

SLOUCH – FILTH [2015 // Olympia, WA]

FUTURA – Spit on the Flag [2018 // LA]

Exit Dust – Return to Dust [2016, Gainesville, FL]

Olvido – Olvido [2016, Mexico City]

Only 90’s Anarcho-Punx Will Remember… v. 1

Litmus Green || Queer Thoughts
A//Political || Stop Thinking and Pogo
Mankind? || Find Your Future
Aus-Rotten || Fuck Nazi Sympathy
The Unseen || Don’t Be Fooled
Backside || The Ones
The Orphans || While You Were Out
Propagandhi || …and We Thought Nation-States Were a Bad Idea
INDK || Feelin’ Lucky, Punk?
Bikini Kill || Carnival
Crimpshine || Fucked Up Kid
Fifteen || Petroleum Distillation
Sin Dios || Revolucion Social
Naked Aggression || Plastic World
Catharsis || Arsonist’s Prayer
Resist and Exist || The Movement