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It’s Going Down
Insurrection News
Enough is Enough
Revolution News
Anti-Fascist News
Earth First! Newswire
Revolución Real Ya
Unicorn Riot
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Active RVA (Richmond)
AMN Collective (Kansas City)
Anti-State STL [St. Louis]
Attaque [France]
The Base (Brooklyn, NYC)
BC Blackout [British Columbia]
The Belli Research Institute
Conflict MN [Twin Cities]
Chronik [Germany]
Chuang [China]
Dark Mountain Project
DefendDNVR (Denver)
El Enemigo Comun [Oaxaca]
Final Straw Radio [Asheville]
FireWorks (Bay Area, CA)
Fuck Yeah, Anarchist Zines!
The Hamilton Institute [Hamilton]
Indigenous Action
Montréal Counter-Information [Montréal]
Morgantown Ultra-Left Network [Morgantown]
NC Piece Corps [North Carolina]
Noticias de la Guerra Social [Chile]
Plain Words [Bloomington]
Proyecto Ambulante [Oaxaca]
Puget Sound Anarchists [Pacific Northwest]
Regeneración Radio [Mexico City]
Rififi [Bloomington]
Subversiones [Mexico]
Subversion Press
Tri-Anarchy (The Triangle Area, NC)
Warrior Publications
Warzone Distro [Illinois]
Where The River Frowns [Evansville]
Workers Assemble [Durham]


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Youth Liberation

A Youth Liberation Table of Contents
The Youth Rights Blog

Projects For/About Youth

Attic Youth Center  |   LGBTQ Youth Center  |  Philadelphia
Black Youth Project  |  Chicago
BreakOUT  |  Youth Space  |  New Orleans
Colorful Mamas of the 99%   |  Oakland
Coping with Bullies
Childhelp  |  Hotline |  US
Future Generation   |  Zine Book
Hip Mama  |  Magazine  |  US
I.C.C.C.  |  Radical Childcare  |  US
Liberation Library  |  Books to Incarcerated Youth  |  Illinois
LSPC  | Legal Services for Prisoners with Children
NYRA  |  Youth Rights  |  US
Omni Child Space  |  Radical Commons  |  Oakland
Our Space  |  LGBTQ Center  |  Bay Area
QueerYouthU  |  Uganda
Rad Dad  |  Magazine  |  US
Radical Monarchs  |  Girls of Color Troop  |  Oakland
Regeneración  |  Radical Childcare  |  NYC
Rice and Beans  |  Educational Coop for Families of Color  |  Oakland
Stay Solid  |  Radical Youth Handbook
SURJ Youth and Families  |  Bay Area
Surveillance Self-Defense  |  Tech Security for LGBTQ Youth
The@Library  |  Topic: children
Time Out  |  Youth Center  |  North Carolina
YL Ann Arbor  |  Youth Liberation  |  Michigan
Youth Action Movement  |  Ghana
Youth Represent  |  Legal Justice  |  NYC

Youth-Led Projects
BAYS  |  LGBTQ* Youth Summit  |  Bay Area
Black Youth N’Action  |  Black Youth Liberation  |  Oakland
Blitz  |  Children’s Power Group  |  Oslo
Children Over Politics  |  California
End Adultism
GAFA  |  Anti-Fascist Youth  |  Glasgow
Girlcon  |  London
Girl Love |  Zine
Give Us The Floor
H.O.L.L.A. |  Youth of Color Movement  |  NYC
Immigrant Youth Coalition |  US
IY Action  |  US Pacific Northwest
Marrow  |  Radical Youth Space  |  Portland
Rainbow Cafe  |  LGBT Youth Center  |  Illinois
Regeneration Against Destruction  |  Youth Against Injustice  |  San Jose
Surrey  |  Youth Space |  BC
Trans Youth Speak  |  Los Angeles
Upside Down  |  Youth Space  |  North Carolina
Urban Youth Collaborative  |  NYC
Youth Blackout  |  DC
Youth Justice Coalition  |  Los Angeles
Youth Leadership Council  |  Undocumented Youth Empowerment  |  NYC
Youth Liberation Association  |  US
Youth Organizing Institute  |  North Carolina