The Story of an Anarchist Student Group

And How to Organize Your Own

How To Put Together Your Own Consent Workshop

The bulk of the zine is an outline with ideas on what to say, activities to do, and materials to include. The zine also provides tips on facilitation, space and accessibility, and additional resources.

Talking to the Media

Avoiding the Pitfalls: A Guide for Anarchists

How to Join the Resistance

Ideas for Fighting the Trump Regime and Becoming Ungovernable

Dropping Out

A Guide for Students

How to Form an Affinity Group

Essential Building Blocks of Anarchist Organization

An Activist’s Guide to Basic First Aid

Important information, but keep in mind this is only an introduction; be sure to attend a street medic training before running as a medic at potentially dangerous actions.

The Femme’s Guide to Riot Fashion

This Season’s Hottest Looks for the Discerning Anarchist Femme

How to Promote Events

This zine is a modified version of a guide published by the Beehive Collective that shares ideas for organizing an promoting events.


A DIY Guide to Creating Spaces, Hosting Events and Fostering Radical Communities


A “How-To” Guide for launching and maintaining an anarchist counter-information website.

Copwatch 101

This guide—it’s really more of a “packet” than a zine—provides an overview of how to start a “copwatch” group.

More DIY Resources


DoDIY exists to support DIY spaces, organizers, musicians, performers, writers, activists, and other like-minded folks. The site hosts resources for anyone interested in the DIY ethos, as well as maintains a catalog of event spaces and organizers from around the world.

Pure Graffiti

DIY graffiti & art tutorials.

The Walls Are Alive: A How-To Graffiti Guide – CrimethInc.

Free PDF and bulk shipping options.

Sprout Distro

Variety of DIY zines.

DIY Guide #1 – CrimethInc.

Silkscreening, Pirate Radio, Gardening, Putting Out Records, Wheat Pasting, Herbal Remedies, Scamming the Post Office, How to Give Directions to Touring Bands for Stupid Motherfuckers, Patch Making, Scamming Photocopies, Guitar Intonation, Making Zines, Booking Tours, Recipes, Making Blow-Up Creatures

DIY Guide #2 – CrimethInc.

Dismantling Capitalism, Food, Traveling, Art, Record and Book Publishing, Building and Fixing, Abortion