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Interested in collaborating around Cutting Class?

Read and discuss these questions with your crew & submit your answers to introduce yourselves! Scroll down to check out what other crews that are participating in the Cutting Class counterinfo network have to say.

We also hope that these interview questions can provide a template for other autonomous groups to distill a collective understanding of their context and projects. If your crew finds these questions useful, write up a summary of your conversations and send them our way as a form of introduction! Cutting Class can be your platform, and we’d love to publish an interview with your crew and start collaborating—not just around CC but also with any other projects that these introductions might incite!

You can read more about the Cutting Class counterinfo project HERE.

(Feel free to add more questions, or to skip some entirely!)

  1. Introduce your crew: what projects are some you working on, how long have you been around, where are you based, etc etc.
  2. What are some challenges you’ve faced (internal or external)?
  3. How might your crew benefit from connecting with other radical youth projects? What possibilities could be achieved/realized through finding each other?
  4. What do you think some of the major limitations or untapped possibilities for radical campus organizing are today?  How can we address those limits and realize those possibilities?
  5. How does your project connect with/support radical movements in your city and beyond? Are there good relationships worth mentioning? Bad ones?
  6. What are some short and long-term objectives your crew has been working towards?
  7. What is your relationship to the rest of the campus left? More broadly, what is the student activist scene on campus like–in terms of groups, dominant tendencies, tactics, history, etc?
  8. Can you tell us about a few of your favorite experiences that you’ve had so far? You can give us the ol’ anarchy highlight reel, or elaborate on a moment, or mention some victories you’ve had – however you want to answer this is cool!
  9. How can folks support your work?

2019-2020 Group Highlights

Interviews coming soon…Want your group featured here? Fill out the questionnaire above, or reach out to us!


2018-2019 Group Highlights

Revolutionary Horizon // San Antonio, TX