Portland State University Union Announces Indefinite Occupation of PSU Public Safety Office

Submission from The Portland State University Student Union
on October 2nd 2018

Portland State University classes are back in session. New students walked around the school, some unaware of what happened to Jason Washington this summer. President Rahmat Shoureshi asked the family to quietly take down their makeshift memorial before the new students trickled their way on campus. Portland State University tried to erase the memory of Jason Washington. The family refused. The PSU Student Union refused. The PSU community refused. Continue reading “Portland State University Union Announces Indefinite Occupation of PSU Public Safety Office”

Call to Action: Solidarity with Occupy PSU!

Press Release from Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front

Solidarity with Occupy PSU and against campus police.

For immediate release:

On September 24th, 2018, a march organized by the Portland State University Student Union took place in memory of Jason Washington, who was shot and killed on campus on June 29th of this year by PSU police officers while trying to break up a fight. The march re-ignited the call to #DisarmPSU, a movement started over 4 years ago, before Portland State Security was deputized and before any armed police force existed on campus. This movement started because students anticipated that the implementation of a militarized campus security force would result in a campus environment that was more dangerous for students and for the Portland community at large, Black and Brown folks in particular. Sadly, Jason’s death at the hands of PSU officers exists as a confirmation of this anticipation, and follows a long line of similar instances on college campuses all over the so-called United States. Scout Schultz was killed by a Georgia Tech police officer on campus almost a year ago to the day while experiencing a mental health crisis. Samuel DuBose was killed by a University of Cincinnati officer during a routine traffic stop in 2015. In 2010, Everette Howard was killed after being shot with a taser that was deployed by yet another U of C officer while trying to break up a fight in a campus dormitory, a circumstance all too familiar in the case of Jason’s death. Countless other students have died at the hands of campus police officers, and today, students of color in particular are overwhelmingly more likely to be killed by campus police officers than white students.

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Harrisburg, PA: Student Solidarity with Prisoners

An Anonymous Submission

 We dropped our banner on an overpass near Harrisburg,PA in solidarity with this past month’s prison strike. We want to honor their wishes to keep this issue in the public eye, letting our friends (and enemies) on both sides of the prison walls know that this is struggle will be ongoing, and that it will be at the cutting edge of the radical agenda until the last ashes of the last prison are blown away.

We also wanted to make the same connection the striking prisoners did by acknowledging the struggle of the migrant families imprisoned in our own backyard by a proto-fascist regime. One of the three family detention centers in operation, Berks Family Detention Center is a monument to all we find disgusting, so we decided to put up a monument of our own in defiance. We were inspired by our comrades in Frederick, MD, and we hope we can inspire even more actions like this.

Fire to the Prisons. Set the Captives Free.

-Concerned Citizens

#StudentStrike2019 — Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front

Press Release from Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front

#StudentStrike2019 press release

On January 20th students and youth across the nation will engage in various forms of civil disobedience and direct action against the rise of hatred, fascism and inequality in our government, in our presidential administration, in our police forces and in our school systems. We are calling on all students, student organizations, anti racist and anti fascist organizations and any youth who want to stand up to hatred to autonomously organize #StudentStrike2019 actions in your city in solidarity with the following demands: Continue reading “#StudentStrike2019 — Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front”

RED Year I: What Is Done and to Be Done

The Radical Education Department was founded approximately one year ago, and it has developed in myriad unforeseeable and exciting ways, while also confronting obstacles and limitations along the way. By providing an overview of what I consider to be our successes, as well as an outline of goals for the coming year, it is my hope that I can contribute to the autonomous process of collective education that is crucially important to the revolutionary Left. Just as we have learned and continue to learn from so many of the radical groups at work around the world, I hope that others can take inspiration from our model, and also help us reach our goals for RED Year II! Continue reading “RED Year I: What Is Done and to Be Done”

End the Aggressions at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (Mexico City, Mexico)

Originally published by Voices in Movement

To all of the Inhabitants of Mexico City and the Republic of Cyberspace

On Thursday August 30th, 2018, we detected a signal interfering on our FM frequency with white noise. A similar interference occurred in 2015. On both occasions, we detected the signal coming from the entrance of University City, around 3000 University Avenue.

This new aggression followed the grave events that took place on Monday September 3rd, 2018, when a violent opposition group attacked a demonstration of alumni of CCH in front of the rectory on campus. That attack left various injured, and two people hospitalized. These events are particularly serious, as while a zero-tolerance policy has been established on the campus of University City by UNAM security, elements of this para-police group were seen accompanying and protecting the violent opposition group. Witnesses of the attack identified Teófil Licona, who is said to be the “chief of security” of UNAM.

In the face of these outrageous acts, we call on everyone to unite together in the actions that the different schools are planning for the following days. We send our solidarity to the comrades who have been assaulted and we remain attentive to the well-being of the injured.

We hold responsible the rector of UNAM for these aggressions and for whatever other event can occur in the university facilities.

Ké Huelga Radio

Free, Social and Against Power

Early Morning. September 4th, 2018

Violent Group Attacks Student Meeting Outside the UNAM Rectory (Mexico City, Mexico)

English translation originally published by Voices in Movement

Voices in Movement Editor’s Note: This report speaks to an attack carried out yesterday by “porros” at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) against participants in a student demonstration. “Porros” are people hired by university authorities or the state to violently smash up student and social mobilizations. With the use of these “porro” plainclothes opposition groups, authorities are able to fulfill their repressive objectives while keeping their hands clean of the violent acts. This specific report comes from Ké Huelga Radio, and the original in Spanish can be found here. All photos taken by Diego Uriarti.

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Call to Recess: Give David Hogg A Wedgie!

Cutting Class: Counterinfo for the Ungovernable Generation

To truants everywhere,
This is a call to recess (our very first)! Instead of calls to order or to action, with the logics of work & duty they entail in activist milieus, this is an invitation to a game. Hopefully this game will provide a much needed break from the super-serious business of revolutionary leaders and professional organizers.

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#DisarmPSU Reportback: We Will Be Back!

Reportback submitted by the Portland State University Student Union /// FB /// Twitter

Portland State University students, alumni, faculty, and community members rallied and marched to #DisarmPSU on July 1st, 2018, three years after the first officers were sworn and armed. This rally came after the campus police murder of Jason Washington on June 29th. Family and friends of Jason Washington also joined our rally in solidarity and to mourn the loss of their loved one.

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