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Today is the 10th anniversary of the occupation of Wheeler Hall at UC Berkeley. To honor this event, which inspired many truants of our generation, we’re bringing this call to the future back from the past. Watch a video from the occupation here.

On Friday, Nov. 20th a brilliant revelation appeared on UC Berkeley campus. Students and workers on this campus held true to their aging chants and actually stood up and fought back. Mocking the days preceding where apathy seemed to reign on campus, when we forced ourselves to mutter “Whose University? Our University,” while shuffling along and doing our duty as concerned citizens, for once, in and around occupied Wheeler we really meant it.


New Zine: Barbarians at the Gates

Cutting Class: Counterinfo for the Ungovernable Generation

In April 2017, a wave of vandalism broke out at the University of Texas in Austin. Over the course of 3 nights, various fraternities were vandalized with the words “racist” and “rapist,” among other slogans. One of the frats targeted on two of the nights held a controversial “border patrol” themed party in 2015, and was otherwise notorious for homophobic & racist pledge rules and rumors of a secret “rape room.” A study published in March of 2017 found that 15% of undergraduate women on UT campus reported being raped. Actual statistics are believed to be much higher.

The following anonymous communique claiming credit for the action was originally sent to It’s Going Down, and quickly became notorious across the country. The vandalism came at the end of a school year marked by controversy around fascist activity on campus, the University’s failure to address racism, and other A few weeks later, a stabbing occurred at UT Austin on May 1st –and instantly, both the local fraternities and the national alt-right were claiming that the incident was a targeted attack by the left and pointed to this piece as evidence. While these claims were bogus, the extra attention brought on top of the initial reception the piece had found made the article one of the most read pieces on IGD—back when their page still tracked the most viewed articles.

We at Cutting Class, who were students when this shit went down and found ourselves inspired by the impact of this piece, have turned this into a zine to preserve the memory of these actions and their effects. This was not the first nor the last spurt of insurgent action against Greek Life. But it’s bombastic, insurrectionary fervor and the localized effects of the action—which polarized students, but were in many ways well received by those who saw reflected in the communique their own perspectives of Greek Life—made this piece stand out for student insurrectionaries of our generation. We hope this can inform and incite future, more developed forms of attack.

You can find the zine here. There is one formatted for digital reading, and another for printing. 

Cutting Class: Back In Session

Counterinfo for the Ungovernable Generation

About a year and a half ago, a small crew of truants got connected and released a bold statement, inaugurating an exciting new experiment. The result of over a year of finding each other and building relations, these campus radicals sought something to connect them with similar crews and projects that organized within and against the University and its world. Thus, Cutting Class was launched. Over the course of a few months, this project created some cool playlists, shared some subversive submissions, and even made inspiring roundups and creative interventions into the moments of student insurgency.

Now, almost a year since our last post…almost nothing is as expected. Our own local projects and commitments have drastically changed, or sometimes just fallen apart. We are tired, burnt out, and and more cynical. Some of us have graduated, or become even more disaffected with the world of campus & student life. We realized that, in many ways, our visions for this project had exceeded our own capacities and failed to keep up with our own investments.

With all that in mind, we are re-approaching this project. Despite our various, more intensely complicated relationships to the University–particularly, our desires to escape it–we remain interested in carving out a platform connected to this terrain of struggle. There are many questions we have yet to think through–ranging from the nature of truancy to the potentials for campus struggle in our present moment. We have yet to process many of our own experiences, whether successes, failures, or somewhere in the middle, and hope to find space to communicate our own reflections to those who find themselves entering the University. Moreover, we see new crews and organizations popping up in Universities across the country, continuing the seemingly endless cycle of student groups making the same mistakes and going through the same shit, asking the same questions. The question is, can we intervene in this cycle to shape those going through it, or are we cursed to merely watch it consume new generations? Can we build connections between those who have left the University or have always fought beyond it to those fighting from within its terrain?

With all these trajectories in mind, we are changing up the kind of content and activity this project will produce. Trying to act as a general news source and aggregate student/campus activities is not within our capacities, nor is it something we totally desire to do. Furthermore, we’re going to shift more explicitly to cover refusals, revolts, and projects which exceed and contest the University and the logics of traditional “student activism” (including the “radical” or “Leftist” variety). Instead, the new cutting class will feature:

    • Regular questionnaires & interviews with active projects and groups which we find interesting
    • Highlighting zines, books, and articles from across the years displaying truant tendencies
    • Compiling zines, flyers, and tips for budding radicals
    • Building communications and networks between campus insurgents across the territories, as well as building networks between campus insurgents and insurgents beyond the University
    • Making interventions into particular moments, issues, and sets of questions particular to campus life
    • Archiving histories of truancy and insurgency against the University

As we do this, we’re interested in building better connections with different crews and people who share visions and interests. Slowly, we hope to build this project out more and see more directions and possibilities in the future. 

This site will slowly become more active over the course of the next few weeks. Until our next post, feel free to hit us up if you wanna contribute or submit something, or recommendations for things you’d like to see on the site!

Call to Action: Solidarity with Occupy PSU!

Press Release from Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front

Solidarity with Occupy PSU and against campus police.

For immediate release:

On September 24th, 2018, a march organized by the Portland State University Student Union took place in memory of Jason Washington, who was shot and killed on campus on June 29th of this year by PSU police officers while trying to break up a fight. The march re-ignited the call to #DisarmPSU, a movement started over 4 years ago, before Portland State Security was deputized and before any armed police force existed on campus. This movement started because students anticipated that the implementation of a militarized campus security force would result in a campus environment that was more dangerous for students and for the Portland community at large, Black and Brown folks in particular. Sadly, Jason’s death at the hands of PSU officers exists as a confirmation of this anticipation, and follows a long line of similar instances on college campuses all over the so-called United States. Scout Schultz was killed by a Georgia Tech police officer on campus almost a year ago to the day while experiencing a mental health crisis. Samuel DuBose was killed by a University of Cincinnati officer during a routine traffic stop in 2015. In 2010, Everette Howard was killed after being shot with a taser that was deployed by yet another U of C officer while trying to break up a fight in a campus dormitory, a circumstance all too familiar in the case of Jason’s death. Countless other students have died at the hands of campus police officers, and today, students of color in particular are overwhelmingly more likely to be killed by campus police officers than white students.

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Harrisburg, PA: Student Solidarity with Prisoners

An Anonymous Submission

 We dropped our banner on an overpass near Harrisburg,PA in solidarity with this past month’s prison strike. We want to honor their wishes to keep this issue in the public eye, letting our friends (and enemies) on both sides of the prison walls know that this is struggle will be ongoing, and that it will be at the cutting edge of the radical agenda until the last ashes of the last prison are blown away.

We also wanted to make the same connection the striking prisoners did by acknowledging the struggle of the migrant families imprisoned in our own backyard by a proto-fascist regime. One of the three family detention centers in operation, Berks Family Detention Center is a monument to all we find disgusting, so we decided to put up a monument of our own in defiance. We were inspired by our comrades in Frederick, MD, and we hope we can inspire even more actions like this.

Fire to the Prisons. Set the Captives Free.

-Concerned Citizens