PARIS: Fascists Attack the Occupied University of Tolbiac

Originally published by Enough is Enough. Written by Riot Turtle.

Fascists attacked the occupied university of Tolbiac in Paris, France, last night. It wasn’t the first fascist attack against an occupied university this year.

In March students who occupied a university building in Montpellier to protest against Macron’s neoliberal reforms were also attacked by fascists. After the attack in Montpellier several other fascist attacks followed.

Last night’s attack against students who occupied Tolbiac university started around 11:00pm (23:00). The attackers were masked, many of them had helmets on. Many of them were armed with metal bars and threw stones and bengal torches to the building.

Taranis News reposted a video (below) and wrote that the video of the attack against Tolbiac 1 was made by the favourite reporter of the fascists, which was also a former candidate for the fascist Front National (FN) for parliament. Taranis News reposted the video so people don’t have to see it on the YouTube channel of the fascist reporter.


[VIDEO] L'attaque de l'Université Paris 1 Tolbiac hier soir par un groupuscule d'extrême droite : ils avaient amené leur reporter (et ancien candidat FN aux législatives) préféré avec eux, pour immortaliser leur exploit. On vous épargne de lui faire des vues sur YouTube.—The attack on Paris 1 Tolbiac University last night by a group of extreme right : they'd brought their favorite reporter (and former candidate FN legislative) with them, to immortalize their feat. We save you for making views on his YouTube channel.

Gepostet von Taranis News am Samstag, 7. April 2018

The occupiers defended the gate successfully, so the attackers did not came into the building. The attackers fled when the cops arrived. The occupiers chanted “Tolbiac, Tolbiac, Free commune!”, “Sorbonne, Sorbonne, Antifa!” and “Tolbiac is ours!” The cops arrested 6 of the attacking fascists and confiscated a banner, helmets and a bag of the fascists. 

After the attack the president of the Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne university in Tolbiac, Georges Haddad, came to the university. He reassured the 200 people in the lecture hall that there will be no police intervention and condemned the fascist attack.

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