Holding Their Feet to the Fire: For a Student Movement Against the Berkeley College Republicans

Originally posted to It’s Going Down

On February 1, 2017, crews of anti-fascists and anti-racists defeated Milo Yiannopoulos and the Berkeley College Republicans (BCR) at UC Berkeley, disrupting the alt-right and fighting back against the fascist creep under Trump. True to their bankrupt selves, liberals held hands with both mainstream conservatives and the far-right alike as they joined in condemning the antifa’s militant and direct action. Soon after, the same right-wing that had vilified antifascists and the no platform principle found themselves doing the same thing to the same person. Conservatives dropped Yiannopoulos from the lineup of speakers at CPAC 2017 and his book deal was cancelled after widespread outrage over his past anti-consent and pro-pedophilia comments. Milo eventually resigned from Breitbart and his career has been severely set back, if not finished for good. But what about BCR, which plans to host Ann Coulter to speak at UC Berkeley on April 27th?

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Possible questions & prompts (feel free to add more or skip some!):

1. Introduce your crew: what projects are some you working on, how long have you been around, where are you based, etc etc.

2. What are some challenges you’ve faced (internal or external)?

3. What do you think some of the major limits, and major, untapped possibilities for radical campus organizing are today? How can we address those limits and realize those possibilities?

4. How does your project connect with/support radical movements in your city and beyond? Are there good relationships worth mentioning? Bad ones?

5. What are some short and long-term objectives your crew has been working towards?

6. What is your relationship to the rest of the campus left?