Pittsburgh: PSSC is a SCAM!

After a four-year run, our coalition of radical student crews and organizations will be formally dissolved on Wednesday, November 1st. We originally began collaborating because we were sick of wasting our time seeking legitimacy through the dead-end channels provided by the Pitt administration and their police. But as much as we liked to position ourselves as inhabiting a space somewhere outside of Campus Life and its toxic social institutions and useless reformist activism, we now realize that we were merely carving out niche spaces within it.

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Friends of Scout – New Website Compiles Solidarity Statements & Actions

Friends of Scout is a group of students and activists who work to remember Scout Schultz, and also to provide ongoing support for those who are facing harassment and repression for speaking up on Scout’s behalf.”

Check out the website for a compilation of all the beautiful solidarity statements and actions that folks have taken the energy to create in memory of comrade Scout Schultz, a queer anarchist murdered by campus police at Georgia Tech.

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Decolonize Means Attack! Solidarity with Indigenous People’s Week – ASN, UT Austin

On the evening of Monday, October 9th members of the Autonomous Student Network dropped a banner from the University Teaching Center bridge that read “No Peace On Stolen Land.” We did this, both in response to the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement’s call to #DefaceColumbusDay and to the unique conditions of Indigenous organizing on campus, with which we stand in solidarity as revolutionary anarchists and leftists.

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UNControllables: The Story of an Anarchist Student Group And How to Organize Your Own

Originally posted to CrimethInc.

It’s that time of year again, when students head back to school. With the government lurching towards tyranny and fascists killing people on the streets, it has never been more pressing to organize on campuses to promote self-determination and collective defense against oppression. This is especially pressing because from Berkeley to Charlottesville, the far-right has set their sites on campuses as a place to recruit future stormtroopers and suppress critiques of authoritarian power. If you are a student yourself, now is the time to lay your plans—whether that means founding a formal student group, coordinating an informal network, or at least preparing to distribute literature. To do our part, we will be publishing a series of articles exploring different examples of student organizing. In this account, a veteran student organizer relates the story of how an anarchist student organization got off the ground and everything you need to know to do it yourself, from filling out paperwork to organizing a Radical Rush.

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“Insurrection is in the air!” – Communiqué from Insurrectionary Youth Action

Insurrection is in the air!

Ever since the ascension of Trump, there has been an insurrectionary tension in the air. It’s in the street, and you can hear and see it almost everywhere. You can see it in the indigenous struggle to protect and preserve their historical territory against colonialism. You can hear it in the cries of a community ruined by institutional racism and police violence; and you can smell it in the pepper spray gas shot to quell anti-fascist resistance. This tension is everywhere comrades! How long will we wait until it passes? That is to say, how long will we wait until the state brutally suppresses it? Unless anarchists diversify their struggles, the truth is, we will not have to wait long.

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University of Texas, Austin: Frat Vandals Issue Statement

The following was originally posted to It’s Going Down

Editor’s Note: A wave of vandalism has broken out at the University of Texas in Austin. Various frats have been vandalized with the words “racist” and “rapist” among other slogans. One of the frats targeted held a controversial “border patrol” party in 2015 which garnished some media attention. A study published in March of 2017 found that 15% of undergraduate women on UT campus reported being raped. Actual statistics are believed to be much higher. 

The following anonymous transmission was sent to IGD from a group of people claiming to take credit for the vandalism and in this essay they explain the reasons behind their actions. We republish this transmission below.

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Berkeley Behind the Bandana

Originally posted to It’s Going Down

In the glare of the fire and in the throngs of protestors I see a friend and former professor of mine I haven’t seen in a while. I jump from the ledge I’m standing on and run up to him, excited to say hi. He turns around and quickly recoils, looking terrified.

For a split second, I’m confused. Then I remember and pull the black bandana down off the bridge of my nose.

His grimace stretches into a smile and we embrace, sharing the joy of the moment we just created together. I, dressed in black and with my face covered up and he, with his sign and his friends surrounding him, are ecstatic at the news that Milo Yiannopoulos, Breitbart editor and white supremacist has just been evacuated from the building. Together we have made the campus a little bit safer.

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Beating Milo: How Berkeley Defeated the Alt-Right’s Biggest Troll

Originally posted to It’s Going Down

“If you were involved last night, thank you. I’ve never felt safer on campus than I did when you walked in! It felt so affirming for someone to stand up against misogyny on a campus that blames rape victims not perpetrators, and protects sexual harassers. If the antifas hadn’t come, Milo would have endangered my undocumented students, so I am so grateful!”
– PhD candidate / Graduate Instructor at UC Berkeley (name withheld)

On February 1, Milo Yiannopoulos was invited by the Berkeley College Republicans (BCR) to perform in UC Berkeley’s Pauley Ballroom at 8pm. Since December 2016, hundreds of people participated in a campaign to call and email the UC Berkeley administration urging them to cancel and block this event. They declined to do so, and as a result thousands of people, including myself, gathered on the campus that night with the common intention of protesting and shutting it down, ourselves. I’m sure people had a lot of different motivations for doing so. I can only speak to my own. I showed up not because I am scared of words or ideas, but because I want to create conditions that make it hard for far-Right and fascist groups in the area to organize as they often do at Milo’s tour stops.

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Your Student ID is an Apparatus

Written by A.S.
Autonomous Student Network – University of Texas at Austin (ASN-UTA)

On August 2nd, the University administration released new aspects of its plans to modernize the University for “security” purposes. These plans include restricted hours for building access and new surveillance systems with proximity card readers and video cameras. To raise awareness, the administration has adopted the cutesy slogan “Your ID is Your Key,” to encourage students to have their UT IDs on them at all times, in order to have access to buildings during restricted hours. Continue reading “Your Student ID is an Apparatus”